Donation-type crowdfunding platform Airfunding, launches its Overseas NGO support program to support struggling NGOs around the globe.

Minato-ku, Tokyo, April 19, 2021; Airfunding, a Japan-based crowdfunding platform aims to develop an overseas support program to connect both NGOs and their supporters.

Airfunding bridge the gap of national borders and cultures for individuals and groups in emerging countries where it is difficult to live a minimum life. As a new service for NGOs, we have started offering a co-creation program where supporters can donate on a monthly basis. This program is called “Airfunding for NGO”. We support organizations that brings positive changes in areas such as education, health care and employment across the globe.” – Ryosuke Abe, CEO, Kiheitai Co., Ltd. (parent company of Airfunding).

Airfunding for NGO Program Outline

Since the launch of Airfunding in 2018, many projects have been created in each country on global issues that cannot be solved by economic growth alone. 76% of projects on Airfunding are from ordinary people in emerging countries such as Southeast Asia and Latin America, most projects focuses on medical, disaster relief, education and personal needs. Approximately $ 200 million in support has been generated on Airfunding through more than 200,000 projects in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Recently, the number of projects that go beyond individual support is increasing, such as cases where organizations specifically, NGOs create projects and where individuals create projects to benefit NGOs. Most projects aim to solve social issues, such as medical care, poverty, education, and employment, which are very prevalent in their country.

In view of this situation, this program selects groups that are working on social issues in their own country along with the goals of SDGs from among the groups that are not yet known in the world. Through subscription-type crowdfunding, Airfunding will be able to help generate supporters that will help these NGOs across the globe.

Airfunding for NGO Program Outline

As of April 2021, 5 organizations from 5 countries, Nigeria, Colombia, Uganda, Indonesia and Sierra Leone, are participating, and the number will increase from time to time.

Each of the five organizations is working on issues such as education, hygiene, medical care, and employment, which are issues in their own countries.

There are three options for subscription plans that provide monthly flat-rate support: $ 20, $ 100, and 

$ 500.

Since the support money reaches the project owner directly, the purpose of use is clear, and even after the support, you can communicate directly with the project owner, so you can watch their efforts up close.

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