Press Release: “Lombok Kidz NFT” 1st Series: Communication on sale on October 26th! KiHeiTai Inc., which aims for actualizing “self-reliant community development” with proceeds from NFT art sales, launches its second Open Town project in Lombok, Indonesia

60% of the proceeds will be donated to an NGO in Lombok to build a community space for the future of the town

KiHeiTai Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ryosuke Abe; hereinafter: “KiHeiTai”) has launched “Open Town,” a Web3-type crowdfunding service that continuously collects funds and supporters to realize self-reliant community development around the world, utilizing the technology of Web3 (the next-generation Internet called “decentralized Internet”). The first Open Town project was launched in February 2022 in Karungu Village, Uganda, and proceeds from the sale of the NFTs are being used to implement the community development of the village.

This October, KiHeiTai will launch the “Lombok Kidz NFT” project on the Indonesian island of Lombok as the second Open Town project. As the first community development measure in this project, the proceeds from the sales of “Lombok Kidz NFT” 1st Series: Communication (number of issues: 600, price: 0.05 ETH/NFT) will be used to build a community space to revitalize the area. The “Lombok Kidz NFT” 1st Series: Communication will be available for sale on the official Lombok Kidz NFT website ( beginning Wednesday, October 26, 2022 (JST).

Summary of the “Lombok Kidz NFT” Project

Solving local issues in Lombok through community development with local NGOs, artists, and NFT purchasers

Lombok Island, located east of Bali and belonging to the Lesser Sunda Islands in central Indonesia, is a resort area that attracts many tourists from abroad. However, the secondary education enrollment rate there is very low at 52% of the population, and employment education is also inadequate, forcing many people to rely on low-paid manual labor. By 2014, about 1.5 million women had migrated to Saudi Arabia to support their families, and many others are being forced to migrate to other countries for work. To address these issues, KiHeiTai has decided to collaborate with Sasak Satu Swara, a local NGO working to solve educational issues in Lombok, and a digital artist from Indonesia and implement community development with proceeds from NFT art sales together.

NFT purchasers are also able to participate in the community development process and reflect their own ideas through voting. In addition, NFT purchasers may benefit financially from the future value enhancement of Lombok Kidz NFT, as well as enjoy the opportunity to receive guided tours from locals when visiting Lombok, socialize and work in the community space to be built, and participate in local traditional events and festivals together with the local people.

About Lombok Kidz NFTs

Issued per use of sales proceeds. Proceeds from the First Series go to the construction of a community space that will be responsible for community revitalization.

To realize the above structure, Lombok Kidz NFT art was created by Dany Saputra, a digital artist from Indonesia. Sixty percent of the sales of the first series, the first 600 pieces, will be donated to Sasak Satu Swara, an NGO in Lombok, for the construction and decoration of a community space.

Sample of “Lombok Kidz NFT” 1st Series: Communication

This series depicts the future of Lombok one year from now when Lombok children have hope for the future after having the opportunity to spend time in community spaces, gain work experience, and practice their English.

<Basic information about “Lombok Kidz NFT” 1st Series: Communication>

  1. Number of issues: 600
  2. Price: 0.05 ETH per one NFT
  3. Sales start date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022
  4. Official website:

<Profile of the creator of “Lombok Kidz NFT” 1st Series: Communication>

Mr. Dany Saputra
A young digital artist from Indonesia, currently pursuing his master’s degree in Turkey. With a deep interest in NFTs and the metaverse, Dany has been professionally designing NFTs for the past three years. Dany also manages the company Metamorve, dedicated to providing NFT creation services.

I am very proud to be a part of the Sasak Satu Swara project that supports the Lombok community and as an Indonesian, I’m very proud to be able to share our culture with the world through NFT. I am grateful to KiHeiTai for providing us with a place to learn, connecting people from all over the world, and helping the Lombok community grow and develop. As an artist, I have been figuring out the best way to have a huge impact on the community through art and finally, I found that KiHeiTai offers the best idea to create NFT and distribute the proceeds to the community.

About the Community Space to Be Built With the Proceeds of “Lombok Kidz NFT” 1st Series: Communication

The Lombok Kidz NFT Community Space will be a 120 m2 building, approximately, made of wood and concrete, respecting the traditional architecture of Lombok, and will be located in Kampung Inggris Puyung, the English campus managed by Sasak Satu Swara.

Image of the Community Space

The space is available to school students, families, staff, and members of the nearby community for social events, classes, and recreational activities. It will also be open to Lombok Kidz NFT purchasers and travelers, who will be able to visit anytime they want and participate in activities with the locals or work remotely using the free Wi-Fi.

It is anticipated that the increase in tourists due to the establishment of the community space will not only stimulate the local economy but also provide learning opportunities for Sasak Satu Swara students who wish to work in the tourism industry in the future, to learn English and hospitality skills. It is also expected to provide an opportunity for NFT purchasers to make connections and gain experiences that are not available through normal sightseeing and travel.

Comments from the project leader, the president and founder of Sasak Satu Swara

Levi Akhmad, President of Sasak Satu Swara, commented on the launch of the “Lombok Kidz NFT” project as follows:

“Most importantly, I want to encourage the local community and locals, because we empower women here, and I want them to be positively affected by the project’s influence. 

I hope this project runs very well and all the goals that we have, such as helping the children and assisting the teenagers in getting jobs, especially in tourism, since we run their training they can practice this specialty with the NFT holders visiting the place.”

<Levi’s Profile>
The president and founder of Sasak Satu Swara, a registered organization that provides education to children and adults in Lombok, Indonesia, to prepare them to chase a bright future. He has worked as a tourist guide and a lawyer in Lombok, while teaching English, culture, and geography to underprivileged children, providing them with the means to find a job in the future without having to migrate to other countries.

【About KiHeiTai Inc.】
KiHeiTai is a global company that produces cross-boundary web services to connect people around the world and make the impossible possible. Combining “Web3” technology with “social contribution,” KiHeiTai operates “Open Town,” a crowdfunding service that sustainably gathers funds and supporters for community development in countries around the world. Open Town” aims to create a “self-reliant community” through co-creation between local residents and NFT holders in various countries around the world. The project can raise funds like a crowdfunding campaign by selling the art to the entire world. The first phase of community development was launched in February 2022 in Karungu village, Uganda. For more information, visit

【About Sasak Satu Swara】
Sasak Satu Swara is an NGO that was founded in September 2020 with the goal of providing free education to children and adults in Lombok, Indonesia. Its mission is to provide quality education to young people living in Lombok, where poverty is repeated from generation to generation, and to help them acquire knowledge and skills that will be useful for employment, especially in the tourism sector.